The 8 Most Popular Areas to Own a Country Home in Ontario

Rural Living in Niagara Falls


Ontario offers some truly spectacular countryside and rural living options.

Today we have put together a list of 8 of the most popular country living options around the Greater Golden Horse Shoe Area. Let’s get started!


Pelham, Niagara Region

  • Average Sale Price (2019): ~ $850,000
  • Proximity to Toronto: 1hr 30 – 2 hrs
  • Natural Features: Shorthills Provincial Park. Comfort Maple Conservation

The entire town of Pelham offers excellent country living options. The community of Fonthill is where you will find most of your necessities.  It has a country-chic downtown area that offers fine dining, artesian galleries, antique stores, and cozy cafes. The areas of Effingham / North Pelham, Ridgeville and Fenwick are your best bet for country and rural living. Carolinian forests and sprawling meadows are a staple in Pelham. The natural beauty provides a refuge from city life. With gorgeous estates on winding country roads, modest hobby farms and equestrian facilities – you can’t go wrong with buying a rural home in Pelham.

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Campbellville, Halton Region

  • Average Sale Price (2019): ~ $1,200,000
  • Proximity to Toronto: 1hr – 1hr 10
  • Natural Features: Nassagaweya Canyon, Mountsberg Conservation

Campbellville is another community we just adore. Located in the major town of Milton, this community is both quaint and charming.  If you’re driving down Guelph Line towards this little village the scenery is sure to inspire. The community offers a wonderful countryside where you are never too far from equestrian facilities and horse farms. Not too far from the big cities of Toronto and Mississauga, Campbellville is a popular destination for tourists and well-off commuters. Located on the Niagara Escarpment, Campbellville offers homes with scenic views, upscale country estates, and forested retreats.

Campbellville Halton Region

Campbellville | Halton | Courtesy of

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Paris, Brant County

  • Average Sale Price (2019): ~ $740,000
  • Proximity to Toronto: 1hr 10 – 1hr 20
  • Natural Features: Grand Valley River

A picture-perfect town nestled right where the Grand Valley River and Nith River meet. Historic architecture meets modern delights in the romantic downtown area of Paris. Enjoy fine dining, cafes, delectable bakeries and world-class architecture. Possibly one of the most enchanting little towns in the country, you will feel at ease living in the countryside here with spectacular scenery and picturesque natural landscapes. This riverside town offers many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors as well. You are sure to find yourself a charming century home or classic country paradise in Paris, Ontario.


Paris Brant County

Paris | Brant | Courtesy of Brant County


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Carlisle, Hamilton Region

  • Average Sale Price (2019): ~ $1,150,000
  • Proximity to Toronto: 1hr 
  • Natural Features: Carlisle Conservation Area. Bronte Creek

I adore the quaint community of Carlise. We used to keep our horses at a gorgeous barn here and driving through the little community always made you feel at peace. This is somewhat of an exclusive community because of its size and higher-end real estate prices. Carlisle is the classic small town with only a handle full of stores; two corner stores, a restaurant and a mechanics shop making up the downtown. We highly recommend the sweet treats at Carlise Bakery and the Cider from West Avenue Cider on Concession 8. For gorgeous country homes, ranch-style farmhouses and upscale rural living be sure to check out the community of Carlisle.

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Elora, Wellington County

  • Average Sale Price (2019): ~ $1,020,000
  • Proximity to Toronto: 1hr 20 – 1hr 30
  • Natural Features: Elora Gorge. Elora Quarry.

Elora is a delightful community with rolling hills, acres of farmland and historic charm. As picturesque as picturesque gets, this spectacular little village is perched at the edge of Elora Gorge. The site of limestone cliffs that descend gracefully into the Grand and Irvine Rivers are truly a natural beauty to behold. If you love nature and adventure, Elora could just be the countryside spot you’ve been yearning for. Modern marvels, Character homes and stunning country retreats can all be found in Elora.

Elora Ontario, Wellington County

Elora | Wellington County | © Mark Stephenson at Flickr

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Mono  –  Dufferin County

  • Average Sale Price (2019): ~ $1,060,000
  • Proximity to Toronto: 1hr  – 1hr 15
  • Natural Features: Mono Cliffs Provincial Park. Island Lake Provincial Park.

Mono is a rural haven of impeccable scenery, meandering streams, and majestic forests. As is to be expected from any small town traced by the Niagara Escarpment. Offering a large section of protected land it is no wonder Mono makes up a large section of “horse country”. From close-knit communities to secluded living, Mono offers many options for the country home and rural life seeker. Buyers looking for picturesque farms, a quaint country home surrounded by trees or large rural estates would find the ideal property here.


Mono, Dufferin County

Mono | Dufferin County | Courtesy of Emily Mills at Flickr

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Creemore, Simcoe County

  • Average Sale Price (2019): ~ $1,050,000
  • Proximity to Toronto: 1hr 40 – 1hr 20 
  • Natural Features: Noisy River Provincial Park.

Creemore is a small community located in the larger township of Clearview. Being nestled within the Niagara Escarpment means you can expect world-class natural beauty at every turn. Welcoming neighbours, an inviting, red brick massed building downtown and weekly farmers markets make for a perfect country community. Here, you can find rejuvenated log homes, classic country homes, and private escapes when you are looking for a home in Creemore.

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Jordan, Niagara Region

  • Average Sale Price (2019): ~ $1,037,000
  • Proximity to Toronto: 1hr 5 – 1hr 20
  • Natural Features: Balls Falls Conservation. Twenty Mile Creek

OK yes, we are back in the Niagra Region for a second time but we could not leave this gorgeous community off of the list. Jordan provides quintessential country living at its finest!  With a chic downtown area offering spectacular stores, restaurants and galleries. Jordan is a village surrounded by wineries, orchards and the beautiful Niagara Escarpment to the North. The unique micro-climate here allows for excellent fruit and wine production so be sure to visit some of the Twenty Valley Wineries and Pick-Your-Own Fruit stands. From modern country mansions to modest country escapes, be sure to visit Jordan for your country home purchase.

Jordan Niagara

Jordan Village | Niagara | Courtesy of Jordan

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Written By: John Paul Gulbis



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